Monday, July 11, 2011

Post Mortem Your Weaknesses

huhuhu apa da,, saje nk tulis-tulis..its all about the 'J' event on saturday night.. the the crowd that they estimate about 300-350 pax including the organiser.. tp last2 dtg braper kerat ok la,,better than nothing kan ? at least diorg still come n enjoy the event.. for DHM5 mmg xboley attend because of ada batch event, Youth Media Carnival, tayangan amal, & me got presentation & briefing for DCA3 Team Building.. same day,same time... but for the first your approach to the junior, senior and lecturers is quiet .................. for me,, last semester is a very2 challenging gathering that im a project manager know about ur attitude, cooperation, and your behaviour.. This semester u guys as an organiser hv got back what u gave to us last semester,walaupun benci, the 2 proposals pun sy tolong juga,,bukan nk mengungkit,,walupun benci,, ttp tolong,, & the last,, ini yang korg bg blk kt aku kan ??? sorry to say,, among u all pun xde yg boleh nk lead,, cubit sikit habis smua korg nk 'LANGGAR'.. tapi xpela,,tu mencerminkan keperibadiaan batch anda.. kami xde untung or rugi.. our project trus berjalan cm biasa.. Challenge masa sem lepas sampai aku yg heartless ni ( poyo..haahaha ) pun boley menangis sebab xpe,,event ktorg di support giler2,, bayangkan ada senior ni sanggup amek cuti time practical di langkawi untuk dtg n join kami..yg senior dekat2 ni pun dtg..walaaaweeeeiiii... PR dgn org tu penting kan ?? x rugi pun buat baik dgn org.. tp buat jahat dgn ktorg,,mungkin jd sejarah lah kene banned !!! hahaha anyway,, congrats to DH4 yg telah organise gathering utk smua DHM,,even xdpt crowd,, cuba lg next time.. TATA !!! hehehee

best giler lagu ni..ahaaaakkssssss

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